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VUI is a complete user-interface control library for windows forms .net. The name VUI stands for Vietnamese made User Interface (this project started in 2004 when there was no UI libraries made by Vietnamese for .net environment).

VUI includes a complete set of controls ranging from input editors to complex controls such as Grid, DataGrid. All controls are written from scratch to ensure small footprint, fast performance, user-friendly, and developer-friendly.


Grid Generic grid, editable grid
Page manager Support browser-like navigation
Input Editor Textbox, numeric box, checkbox, etc.
List List box, combo box
Calendar Calendar, date time picker
Panel Generic panel, collapsible panel, group box, shape, ...
Tab control  
Color picker HSL, color wheel, color selector
Progress Progress bar, wait control
Layout Flow layout
Miscellaneous Splitter, ruler, OSD (On screen display)


The screenshots below are taken from real-life application that completely use VUI controls.

(Some parts of screenshots are blurred to protect our client's confidentiality)

Click on the thumbnails for bigger pictures

Blue Theme

Job dashboard
A job dashboard

Data verification tool
Data verification tool

Black Mambas Theme

Main screen of a scientific application
Main screen of a scientific application

A feature listing screen with Grid in use
A feature listing screen with Grid in use

A chart of device speed
A chart of device speed