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Input Editors

VUI's editors are designed to be easy to use and flexible. All of them has strongly-typed properties (example: Numericbox has ValueAsInt, ValueAsDecimal,...) and a convenient catch-all property (Value as object type). This makes using editors are easy both at design time, runtime, and auto-binding. Furthermore, the logic and the painting of an editor can be customized to satisty specific needs.


Textbox in blue theme
Edit boxes in blue theme

Textbox in black theme
Edit boxes in black theme

  • * Auto-expand: allows a textbox to expand its size on focus or mouse over.
  • * Alignment: supports both vertical and horizontal alignment (top-left, top-right, etc.)
  • * Null-hint: shows a hint when there is no value in the textbox
  • * Prefix: custom prefix and suffix to append before or after the input value
  • * Dropdown: supports custom pop-up form for custom edit methods

Numeric box

  • * Natively supports integer, natural, currency, and floating values
  • * Natively supports proper number formating of English, Vietnamese and other culture
  • * Built-in calculator: shows a drop-down calculaor. The calculator can accept expression such as: 5 + 2^16 * 123
  • * All features supported by textbox

Check box


Radio button

Radio button