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At THN, it is YOU, our customers, determine how should we serve you.

THN's slogan

You are the best at envisioning your dream and designing your success. We are knowledge-seekers. We are the best at researching and applying technologies to real-life problems. Our ambition is to free your mind from technical problems so that you can concentrate on your goals.

Currently we are offering the following services: (please contact us if your need is not listed here)

Software services:

  • + Development:
    • Build custom applications based on specifications.
  • + Architectural design:
    • Analyze business requirements and technical difficulties, then research and design solutions
  • + Refactoring:
    • Reengineer software for better performance, user-friendliness and productivity.

Research services:

  • + Theoretical research:
    • Conduct studies in information technology fields such as database, graphics, networking, image processing, and others.
  • + Framework development:
    • Develop libraries and components to develop software more efficiently.
  • + Optimization research:
    • Conduct studies to improve performance, flexibility, and scalability of software systems.

Consultation services

  • + Technology application:
    • Analyze client's business to develope custom technical solutions that reduce expenses and increase profits.
  • + Business analysis:
    • Analyze client's business process to improve productivity
  • + Training:
    • Train software developers on software architectures, new technologies, new frameworks, and new methodologies.