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Referrals Policy

To promote liaison and friendship, to regconize the efforts of those who help connecting us to our customers, we automatically entitle all referrers to the Referrer Regcognition Program.


- Financial reward: +10%

  Referrers receive 10% of the revenue for any project that we succesfully acquire from their referrals regardless of the project size.

- Discount: -10%

  In the future, if the referrers purchase any product or service from THN, they will receive 10% discount for unlimited number of purchase.


To be eligible for the Referrer Regcognition Program, one must satisfy the following requirements:

- The referrer status is rewarded only after a project has been successfully finished and all payments are paid for by the customer(s) of the project.

- When there are multiple references of the same project, THN has the right to reward 01 (one) referrer only. Whether the benefits are distributed among the referrers or not is outside the jurisdiction of THN.


THN reserves the right to revoke or modify this program, and revoke benefits of existing referrer(s) at anytime without prior notice. THN shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from this program. This program is a good will of intention. THN will not reimburse for any misunderstanding of the program. In any dispute regarding the Referrer Recognition Program, THN has the right to final decision and may refuse any responsibility.