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Service Commitments

At THN, we seek to build a life-time relationship with our customer. Consequently, all THN members must remember by heart the following commandments:

1. We must not rip-off our customer

If you don't want to rob your own brothers and sisters, then don't rob your life-time companions. We charge our clients for the value added by our service and technology. We don't charge high price simply because our clients look rich.

2. Deliver the best solution that suits the client

Always research for the best option that best contributes to client's success over the long-term. If that means working more and the client can't financially support the option yet, just do it anyway.

3. Think of client's long-term success

Client's success is our success. As our client's success grow, if we offer symbiotic and synergetic service to our client, our received rewards will also grow. Therefore, don't be clouded by temporary benefits.

4. Contribute to society

Be greedy!

Not for oneself, but for the welfare of society. Be very greedy in studying and working. The more, the better. Then apply those knowledge back to daily life. Generate revenues by creating more jobs, more schools, more business. Generate revenues by improving productivity of people.

August 29, 2008

Chairman Nguyễn, M. Hải

(signed and sealed)