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THN is a technology firm. We prides ourself for relentlessly seeking new knowledge. We make researching our business.

As researchers, we always welcome other academic fellows. You may go here to see topics we are researching. Or you may take a quick look at some of our home-made technologies.

Technology Directory

Database, Data Layer
Data Abstraction Layer to reduce development time for data applications
  • Standalone Db
Lightweight object database for standalone applications and small web applications
Business Layer
  • Flex Obj
A fusion between MVC and Object Container to manage object tracking, security, event, binding, proxying, etc. Simply put, this framework reduces the time needed for developing enterprise application-level objects.
Networking abstraction layer to simplify the development of message-based and SOA (service-oriented-architecture) applications.
  • TCF
THN's Communication Foundation. A unified TCP/UDP networking framework to develop highly scalable servers.
Presentation Layer
Presentation layer completes with graphic engine, font rasterization, image processing, animation, UI controls, theming, declarative UI, etc.
Binding and validating abstraction layer. Rapidly reduces development time for data applications.
Windows form UI controls kit. Includes high-performance grid, tree, list, etc. Easy to use, customize, and skin.
  • Xml Parser
Complete rewrite of XML parsing for much better speed than .Net's parser while easier to extend
  • Xml Serializer
Light-weight yet much more faster and complete than XmlSerializer of .Net. Designed for both human and machine.
  • Binary Serializer
Light-weight serializer with high-speed performance, support encryption and compression
  • Unit testing
In-process unit-testing and state-testing tool.
  • Log
Extensible and easy to use logging manager. Designed to help developers debug more efficiently.