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SunFire consists of many sub-components to create a presentation layer for building rich, modern, and beautiful user interfaces quickly. SunFire is one of the major pillars in Universal Platform framework

SunFire Architecture

Components Summary

Graphic Engine
Render vector graphics to raster devices
Raster bitmap filters
  • Animation Composer
Manage realtime animation
Import raster and vector graphic files to SunFire
Font Rasterizer  
Render vector glyphs
  • Text Composer
Manage format and composition of text
Import vector fonts
Declarative UI  
  • UI Controls
Device-independent GUI components
  • XML Loader
XML parsing, runtime building of UI forms
  • Page Manager
Handle page-based navigation
  • Dynamic Binding
Runtime data <-> control binding
  • Dynamic Validation
Runtime input control validation
  • Layout Manager
Control layout management
  • Abstract Window
Platform-independent windows form
  • Event Manager
Event routing management
  • Input Manager
Platform-independent manager of keyboard, mouse, etc.
Platform Specific Renderer  
  • Virtual Platform
Device-independent platform abstraction
  • GDI+ Renderer
GDI+ .Net adapter
  • OpenGL Renderer
OpenGL adapter
  • DirectX Renderer
DirectX adapter
  • Printer Renderer
Abstract renderer for printing devices
  • HTML Renderer
Bridge between SunFire controls and HTML controls
  • PDF Renderer
Renderer for PDF file


SunFire uses only CLS (Common Language Specifications) 1.1 and is POCO (Plain Old C# Object) conformant. As long as .Net framework 1.1 is support, SunFire can run smoothly. That means SunFire can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.