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Image Loader

SunFire includes a native image loader for popular image types. Using SunFire, one can start developing quickly without the need for custom format support.

In case a format is not yet supported by SF but the current operating system supports it, SF will ask the operating system to load the file. The developer does not need to know whether the file is loaded by SF or the operating system. The loader switching occurs behind the scene transparently.

If the developer decides to write his own implementation, he can write custom image loader/writer and register it to SunFire.

Image File Format Compatibility Table

The following table lists formats currently supported natively by SunFire.

: Supported natively

: Supported via platform

: Not supported yet

File Ext.
Name Variation

 Windows Bitmap File

 * 2-bit

 * 8-bit

 * 24-bit

 * 32-bit

 Portable Network Graphic File

 * 24-bit

 * 24-bit interlaced

 * 32-bit

 * 32-bit interlaced

 Joint Photographic Experts Group



 * Jpeg2000

 Tagged Image File Format  

(This list is updated on March 1, 2008)