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FormSoul technology dramatically reduces the time required for developing user interfaces. Using FormSoul, developers can litterally develope UI forms with only a few line of codes. Be it WinForm or WebForm, the same code can be reused again and again.

White Paper:

FormSoul Technology: Fast, Secure and Easy Form Building

pdf document (205KB, last updated: 07/11/2008, author: Nguyen, M. Hai)

Video Clip:

Introduction to FormSoul Technology

If you experience anomalies while viewing online, download the offline version for better viewing experience.


  • * Eliminate manual Get / Set / Validate UI codes
  • * Eliminate repetitive input tests
  • * Eliminate security tests
  • * Work with WinForm
  • * Work with WebForm
  • * Work with 3rd-party UI controls (easy adapters required)
  • * 100% pure managed code
  • * CLS 1.1 and POCO conformant



  • * Reduce coding time
  • * Reduce testing time
  • * Reduce time to market
  • * Single point of security checking (custom security rules still allowed)
  • * Free developers from doing plumbing codes