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Returning Customer Policy

To show our appreciation for YOU, our valued customers, we would like to thank you with the following gifts:

For project-based customers

Applied to clients who work with us per project-basis (outsource, research, custom made software), we will entitle you to this program automatically from the second project you order from us.


- Discount : -10%

We will cut 10% off from the project's service fee, regardless of project size.

- Reduced intrinsic costs:

If you return to us for the next version of a software, it means your are satisfied with our service. That fact alone motivates us and allow us to allocate more resources, commit ourself better to the quality of the project. It is not unsual that we spend more efforts than estimation for returning customers. In other words, you get more features, better quality, more profitable results at the same costs, simply by doing business with us again.


- Must have at least one project finished. The benefits are considered at the end of the second project,

- The eligible project must be finished successfully (on time and accepted by client's approval)

- All payments must be fully paid and paid on time.

- No legal disputes.

For Subscription-based customers:

Applied to clients who subscribe to our service per monthly or yearly period (Total Solution Subscription, Application Subscription, and Consultation Service Subscription)


- Discount : -10%

Your subscription fee is reduced by 10% automatically

- Product discount:

Any products purchased from us will have 10% discount (eligibility and actual discount percentage may vary depending on products)


- Must have been a subscriber for at least 01 (one) year.

- Must not have any late payment


THN reserves the right to revoke or modify this program, and revoke benefits of the beneficiary at anytime without prior notice. THN shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from this program. This program is a good will of intention. THN will not reimburse for any misunderstanding of the program. In any dispute regarding the program, THN has the right to final decision and may refuse any responsibility.