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Key Strengths

THN's strengths are emboldened right in the vision and strategy of THN: the most precious asset is human, the second is technology.

We believe the minds that create code are more valuable than the code itself


- THN focuses on human and software architecture rather than management process or codes. Contrary to outsource-focusing firms, THN pays special attention to promoting people’s talents by empowering them and not keeping them crushed from management process.

- THN culture nurtures each employee to become a life-long family member. Instead of being a small wheel in a huge conglomerate corporation, each and every person enjoys the comfort and trust of being in small families within a big family. With us, codes are not the utmost valuable assets. Infact, we throw inefficient codes away. We believe the minds that create code are more valuable than the code itself. Our members learn to become one and share the business profits just like in small family-business.

- In terms of learning, our job is to research. Book reading is bread-n-butter to our personnel. Furthermore, each person is required to deliver his own seminar to train other peers on a new topic every month. Last but not least, self-learning is one of key indicators for performance evaluation each year. Simply put, it pays to learn in our environment.


- THN prides itself for being one of the rare elites researching in these fields:

    * 2D vector graphic
    * Font rasterization
    * Dynamic form validation & binding
    * Declarative UI
    * GUI controls


    * Tcp server
    * Http (web) server
    * Unified transport
    * Chat server
    * File server


    * O/R mapper
    * Database (object, column, prevalence)


    * Cloud computing
    * Software factory
    * Unification of desktop & web application
    * Productivity Analysis


- Technology research & framework development are prohibitively costly in terms of time, money and human resource. The success rate of a research project is usually low due to many factors, especially human factor. Consequently, many software companies focus on application development by reusing technologies already researched by others. They claim "reinventing the wheel" is bad, if not even taboo. We, on the other hand, believe the wheel itself has seen quite a lot of innovations since its debut.