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Test Taking Tips

For programmer and researcher positions, applicants will be required to take a paper test to demonstrate their applicable technical skills.

Typically, the test consist of 10 kinds of questions: 0 and 1

(he he, joking! No, seriously, if you don't know 10 then perhaps you should not apply to programming position)

So you know 10 means binary. Good, next questions:

Technical domain type:

These questions are simple if you know your programming language well and have good grasp of OOP.

+ What is garbage collection? What does it do? Is it evil?

+ What's the difference between abstract and interface?

+ What's the difference between virtual and abstract?

+ What is xxx design pattern?

Thinking domain type:

These questions are designed to make an educated guess at how good your thinking process is. As such, you either need vast expertise or very good at thinking outside of the box. The test will include only a couple of such questions. However, you should not skip these because they can give you great scores on the test.

+ Prove that 1 = 1

+ What's the most stupid control in WinForm? Why? How should you improve it?

+ Please design a new methodology to program. For example, a windows application takes about 3-6 months to develop. How would you shorten the time to 3-6 weeks?