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If you are interested in joining us, by all means, please don't hesistate to contact us. We may be reached by email, snail mail, telephone, or by direct walking-in. Whatever method you feel comfortable with, just do it. And be prepared to demonstrate why we should not let you go.


We ourself have applied to non-existing positions in other big firms. So if you feel you will be a treasure to us while we are not listing a position for you, just speak up.

The application process is easy.:

1) Contact us for taking an entry test. The test varies depending on what position you are applying to. For developer position, the test typically includes:

  • + English proficiency test (straight from TOEFL paper test)
  • + Programming test (written test, covers OOP, .Net, and thinking)

2/ If your test results are good enough, we will call you to set up a face-to-face interview. At the interview, you need to bring your transcripts and whatever materials that demonstrate your capabilities. For example: screenshot, codes, results from projects you have done.

3/ After the interview, just relax. We may need to call you back again a couple times or not. Please allow us to tell you in advance that we selectively choose those who we can help flourish in our environment given our current conditions. Not being selected does NOT mean you are not qualified for us. We have and still do reject very smart people. We simply believe they would grow much better and faster in another environment giving the status quo of themselves and of ours.


Check out the Test Taking Tip and Interview Tip