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Interview Tips

After you have passed the preliminary entrance tests, you will be confronted with a board of cold-faced interviewers. Their task is to fail you !

Be not afraid if you believe in yourself !!!

In the face-to-face interview, we try to evaluate yourself as a human, not your impressive resumé or career track. Here are some questions we may ask you:

+ How many books you have read? Name them.

+ How frequently you read books or online sources?

+ What are your favorite websites?

+ How frequently do you keep up with new technologies?

+ What are the current ones you like?

+ What have you done OUTSIDE of your school works and jobs?

+ Why should we hire you?

Do take your time to think. At THN, this kind of questions will be asked not only at interview, but also for the rest of your working life. The longer you stay with us, the more questions you will have to answer. It is YOU that make US. Naturally, we prefer those who can contribute to our family.