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Researcher Needed!

Got any
in these areas?

* Cloud Computing * Virtual Machine * Object DBMS *

* Vector Graphic Engine * Declarative UI * UI Controls *

* Web Server * Parsers * Multi-touch *

Are you qualified?

- You've read lots of books (not counting your school's textbooks, comics, novels, etc. please)

- You've absolutely love coding

- You're a team-player

- Must be fluent with English (you will be asked to read lots and lots of English materials)

- Bonus if you know: design patterns, software architecture

- Age: minimum age: 15 - max: none

- Importance: must convince us of your ability to research by anyway you deem appropriate.

Job descriptions:

Most of your time will be spent on researching theoretical aspects that we are pursuing. Overtime, when you have demonstrated your ability and well contributed to our cause, you may ask (or to be exact, you WILL BE asked) to lead your own research division in any field you deem necessary.